18 years old looking for fun

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This June marks 10 years since I graduated High School. I can look back and remember vivid details. A goal-line stand to win the homecoming football game, Senior prom with my future wife, carrying a Mr. T bobble-head doll up on the graduation stage, moving day at the dorm, first classes, and living independently. All of those memories and more come rushing back. You may be finding yourself in the same position this year, and you may be excited or afraid, likely both. That was a bit more recent for me, but still 6 years ago. Where do I go to college? Who do I marry? What should I do for a living?

What excites me? What do I believe? How can I help the world? These are big questions, and some decisions are made quickly; others take time. To the excited, nervous, scared, happy, angry, high school or college graduate, you are in a wonderful stage of life where your life and all that entails becomes yours. You may even be years out of college, still trying to decide what matters to you!

I hope something in here will speak to you, and offer guidance in the months and years to come. Lets go with close friends. Your future roommates and the guys in your bible study will do nicely. I promise though, in the long run, having a small group of people who know all about you the good and the bad will serve you well. This will do wonders for you. Just chill out and listen.

The feeling is wonderful.

18 years old looking for fun

But you are fine just as you are. So yes, be confident, you have a lot going for you. A relationship is not about money, cars, trips, study aids, sports, or anything that benefits you. Instead, focus on how you can be a blessing to others, and do so whether they are your best friends or not. One of the most important things you can do in life is to cultivate a heart for others! Ah I have struggled with this! But you end up getting stretched really thin, sacrificing those who matter most to you, including valuable time to yourself.

Wherever people are, look for ways you can serve. This is no way to live your life! Serving a cause outside of yourself strips that self0defeating thinking away. When you walk in a room, ask to help. If you pass a homeless person on the street, give them some change, or better yet, bring them some food. Sacrifice your time and money to go to another country and help, while also learning so much. The trip was a total game-changer for me. Now I run marathons, am a mostly vegetarian, and just finished up a 30 day hot yoga challenge.

You never know where life will take you and shake you up for a while. Just be open to the process, and what life has to offer. Your time on earth is too short to go around dismissing things and people. Oh man this is tough. As you grow older, the world is going to speed up, and there will be more distractions than ever. Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of social media are simply tools, but can be an enormous time drain!

You need to decide what is most important to you, and make it a priority.

18 years old looking for fun

For me, my short list of priorities is:. Everything else is a threat, and should be considered very carefully. People may get upset, but eventually the ones who care about you will understand and respect your choices.

18 years old looking for fun

Leo Babuata of Zen Habits is a master at helping people develop good habits. This goes along with your priorities, because you do not need to feel like everything relies on you. It will still go on. The committee you were asked to serve on? The work will be completed. You can certainly do those things, but if they do not align with your top priorities, proceed with caution!

As you grow older, your free time will become less and less, and that time is best spent doing the things you really care about. This may be the scariest item on the list. Risking big starts with risking small in hundreds of different ways throughout your life. It can mean introducing yourself to a person, trying new foods, or learning to dance.

Each opportunity to put yourself in a situation where you are not fully in control, and are vulnerable, is a risk! The cool part is some of our most fulfilling and rewarding experiences arise from taking a risk, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Whatever faith you have, hang on to it! Now, you may have been hurt by religion or faith groups in the past, and for that I am sorry on their behalf.

Allow me to point out though, that groups of any religious affiliation are made of people. Obvious, right? Well, as you know, people are broken, fallen, and can twist things to match their own desires. For me, that belief lies with the message and life of Jesus. My faith gives me a reason and a 18 years old looking for fun outside of myself, a belief in something larger than my own existence.

What you will eventually learn, is life is not about you! The world does not revolve around you, but in that revolving mess of life is a ificance which brings meaning. I really wish I had started doing this when I was I encourage you to help bring a stop to the endless cycle of purchasing, and also the almost desperate need we feel sometimes to purchase something! The fewer possessions you have, the freer you will be.

Plus, you will save a lot of money!

18 years old looking for fun

The money can then be used for a trip or experience that will mean so much more to you than a 3rd pair of jeans. You can even give some of your extra money away, after realizing you have all you need. The danger is coming to believe on an unconscious level that your possessions define you, i. I need these shoes to be in style.

18 years old looking for fun

When you are tempted to lay down your money for a product, consider these 3 questions:. It will make you so much cooler, and more attractive!

18 years old looking for fun

What if they run out? What do you mean you want to own less? Wear the same shirt twice in the same month? What, are you crazy? Slowly, painfully, put down the product and walk away. The things you own do not own you. For me, this has taken a while to come around to. Most of us enjoy being able to eat whatever we want, and there is a certain freedom to that ability. But it is not sustainable! Even if you are naturally thin, have a high metabolism, or exercise frequently, life will eventually hand you a set of circumstances which conflict with this current reality.

Reality might be a job, injury, relationship, or lack of motivation. My reality was writing. I realized I had a limited amount of time to exercise and write each day. Since no one was paying me to run an hour a day, I realized I could change my eating habits in order to stay healthy while increasing my writing load. Balancing those 2 passions was the primary motivation in changing my diet, but not the only one. Eating mostly vegetables, fruit, lean meats, and whole grains is simply better for your body.

Eating simply based on what your body looks on the outside can be dangerous, especially for people who are naturally thin! Certainly people react differently to foods, my advice is to really pay attention to how food makes you feel.

18 years old looking for fun

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