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Give Feedback. Complete information is available on the California State University website. An acknowledgment will be sent to the applicant when the online application has been submitted. California State University, Fresno advises prospective students that they must supply complete and accurate information on the application for admission, Fresno mature adults questionnaire, and financial aid forms.

Further, applicants must, when requestedsubmit authentic and official transcripts of all academic work attempted. Failure to file complete, accurate, and authentic application documents may result in denial of admission, cancellation of academic credit, suspension, or expulsion SectionArticle 1.

Applicants are required to include their correct Social Security s in deated places on applications for admission pursuant to the authority contained in SectionTitle 5, California Code of Regulations, Section of the Internal Revenue Code 26 U.

See also Policies and Regulations. Taxpayers who claim Hope Scholarship or Lifetime Learning tax credit will be required to provide their name, address, and Taxpayer Identification to the campus. Section Each CSU campus must publish appeal procedures for applicants denied admission to the University.

The procedure is limited to addressing campus decisions to deny an applicant admission to the University. Admissions appeal procedures must address the basis for appeals, provide 15 business days for an applicant to submit an appeal, stipulate a maximum of one appeal per academic term, provide specific contact information for the individual or office to which the appeal should be submitted, and indicate a time estimate for when the campus expects to respond to an appeal.

The appeal procedures must be included in all denial of admission notifications to students, and must also be published on the campus website.

Fresno mature adults

Each non-impacted campus accepts applications until capacities are reached. Many campuses limit undergraduate admission in an enrollment category due to overall enrollment limits. If applying after the initial filing period, consult the campus admission office for current information.

Similar information is conveniently available at www. Hardship Petitions. The campus has established procedures for consideration of qualified applicants who would be faced with extreme hardship if not admitted. Petitioners should write the campus Admissions Office regarding specific policies governing hardship admission. See Appeal of Admission Decision section.

Fresno mature adults

Fresno State only accepts undergraduate applications for the fall and spring semesters. You can visit the Admissions and Recruitment website www. University requirements for establishing residency for tuition purposes are independent from requirements for establishing residency for other purposes, such as for tax purposes, or other state or institutional residency.

These regulations were promulgated not to determine whether a student is a resident or nonresident of California, but rather to determine whether a student qualifies to pay university fees at the in-state or out-of-state rate. A resident for tuition purposes is someone who meets the requirements set forth in the Uniform Student Residency Requirements. These laws governing residency for tuition purposes at the California State University are California Education Code sections, and Each campus's Admissions Office is responsible Fresno mature adults determining the residency status of that campus's new and returning students based, as applicable, on the student's Application for Admission, Residency Questionnaire, and, as necessary, other information the student furnishes.

A student who fails to provide sufficient information to establish resident status will be classified a nonresident. Residency Requirements Initial Determination: Legal Capacity, Physical Presence and Intent To be classified as a resident for tuition purposes, a student must show they have been a legal California resident for more than one year immediately prior to the Residence Determination Date for the term of the application is made.

Depending on the age, immigration status or visa type, a student may not have the legal capacity to establish California residency. Generally, establishing California residency for tuition purposes requires a combination of physical presence and intent to remain indefinitely in the State of California.

An adult who, at least days prior to the residency determination date for the term in which resident status is sought, can demonstrate that both physical presence in the state combined with evidence of intent to remain in California indefinitely, may establish California residency for tuition purposes.

A student under the age of 19 by the residency determination date Fresno mature adults residency from the parent s with whom the student resides or most recently resided. In addition, non-citizens establish residency in the same manner as citizens, unless precluded by the Immigration and Nationality Act from establishing domicile in the United States.

Evidence demonstrating intent to remain in the State of California indefinitely may vary from case to case, but will include, and is not necessarily limited to, the absence of residential ties to any other state, California voter registration and history of actually voting in California elections, maintaining California vehicle Fresno mature adults and driver'smaintaining active California bank s, filing California income tax returns and listing a California address on federal tax returns, owning residential property or occupying or renting a residence where permanent belongings are kept, maintaining active memberships in California professional or social organizations, and maintaining a permanent military address and home of record in California.

Exceptions Exceptions to the general residency requirements are contained in California Education Code sections and California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Subchapter 5, Article 4, sections Whether an exception applies to a particular student can only be determined after the submission of an application for admission and, as necessary, additional supporting documentation. Because neither the campus nor the Chancellor's Office staff may give legal advice, applicants are strongly urged to review the material for themselves and consult with a legal advisor.

Residency determination dates are set each term. Reclassification - Financial Independence only applies to continuing students A student classified as a nonresident for a prior term may seek reclassification in any subsequent term; however, reclassification requires that, in addition to satisfying the requirements of physical presence and intent to remain indefinitely in the state, the student must also satisfy the requirement of financial independence.

A student seeking reclassification is required to complete a Residency Questionnaire that includes questions concerning financial independence. For additional information on intent, physical presence and financial independence requirements, refer to the California Residency for Tuition Purposes website.

A student classified as a nonresident may appeal a final campus decision within 30 days of notification by the campus. Appeals will be accepted only if at least one of the following criteria applies:.

Fresno mature adults

The decisions was based on: a. ificant new information, not ly known or available to the student, became available after the date of the campus decision classifying the student as a nonresident and based on the new information, the classification as a nonresident is incorrect. Instructions to submit an appeal and additional information can be found on the California Residency for Tuition Purposes website. Appeals viafax and U.

A student with a documented disability who is requesting an accommodation to submit an appeal through the CSU website should contact Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at residencyappeals calstate. The Chancellor's Office will either decide the appeal or send the matter back to the campus for further Fresno mature adults. A student incorrectly classified as a resident or incorrectly granted an exception from nonresident tuition is subject to reclassification as a nonresident or withdrawal of the exception and subject to payment of nonresident tuition in arrears. If incorrect classification from false or concealed facts, the student may also be subject to discipline pursuant to Section of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

A student ly classified as a resident or ly granted an exception is required to immediately notify the Admissions Office if the student has reason to believe that the student no longer qualifies as a resident or no longer meets the criteria for an exception. Changes may have been made in the rate of nonresident tuition and in the statutes and regulations governing residency for tuition purposes in California between the time this information is published and the relevant residency determination date.

Students are urged to review the statutes and regulations stated above. The minimum university requirements for admission to graduate and post-baccalaureate studies at a California State University campus are in accordance with university regulations as well as Title Fresno mature adults, Chapter 1, Subchapter 3 of the California Code of Regulations. Specifically, a student shall:. Hold an acceptable baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by a regional accrediting association, or have completed equivalent academic preparation as determined by appropriate campus authorities.

Satisfactorily meet the professional, personal, scholastic, and other standards for graduate study, including qualifying examinations, as appropriate campus authorities may prescribe. For additional information, see the Division of Research and Graduate Studies. All graduate and post-baccalaureate applicants i.

Applicants seeking a second bachelor's degree should submit the graduate application for admission unless specifically requested to do otherwise. To be assured of initial consideration by more than one campus, it is necessary to submit separate applications including fees to each campus. The CSU deates programs as impacted when more applications from regularly eligible applicants are received in the initial filing period October and November for fall terms, June for winter terms, August for spring terms, February for summer terms than can be accommodated.

Some programs are impacted at every campus which they are offered; others are impacted only at a few campuses. The CSU will announce during the fall filing period those campuses or programs that are impacted. Detailed information on campus and program impaction is available on the Impaction at the CSU website.

Campuses will communicate supplementary admission criteria for all impacted programs to high schools and community colleges in their application service area and will disseminate this information to the public through appropriate media.

Fresno mature adults

Applicants must file applications for admission to an impacted program during the initial filing period. Applicants who wish to be considered for impacted programs at more than one campus should file an application at Fresno mature adults campus for which they seek admission consideration.

Fresno State is impacted and only accepts undergraduate applications between October and November for fall terms. If the campus is open for spring, applications are accepted August prior to the spring term. Please check www. Supplementary Admission Criteria. Each campus with impacted programs or class-level admission uses supplementary admission criteria in screening applicants. Supplementary criteria may include rank-ordering of freshman applicants based on the CSU eligibility index or rank-ordering of transfer applicants based on verification of the Associate in Arts for Transfer AA-T or Associate in Science Transfer AS-T degrees, the overall transfer grade point average GPAcompletion of specified prerequisite courses and a combination of campus-developed criteria.

Applicants for freshman admission to impacted campuses Fresno mature adults programs may need to have a higher "a-g" GPA. In no case will standardized test scores be utilized in making freshman admission decisions. The supplementary admission criteria used by individual campuses to screen applicants are made available by the campuses to all applicants seeking admission to an impacted program. The CSU must assess the academic preparation of international students. F or J student visas. They may be degree-seeking applicants, exchange visitors, or other non-immigrant classifications.

The CSU has separate requirements for the admission of international students. Academic performance and English proficiency are important admission considerations. Academic records from foreign institutions must be on file by the deadline see application deadlines in the copy that follows for the first term and, if not in English, must be accompanied by certified English translations.

Applicants must have completed a comprehensive pattern of college preparatory courses. Applicants who are seeking admission from American secondary or post-secondary schools must fulfill all requirements. No admission decision will be made until required materials have been submitted to International Admissions. Application Forms. All international students requesting admission for undergraduate or graduate study at California State University, Fresno, must submit the following:. All documents submitted become the property of California State University, Fresno and will not be returned.

They will be imaged in the university's database. Application Deadlines. The international application, fee and all required documents, transcripts, and test scores must be received no later than:.

Fresno mature adults

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