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Tim Huber. Category: Rides. Each year, motorcycle manufacturers task their deers, mechanicsand engineers with delivering upgraded bikes for the coming model year, updating the aesthetics and bolstering power and overall performance, all while adhering to increasingly stringent emissions standards. With more than a decade having passed since the global recession ofthe majority of major motorcycle manufacturers have managed to bounce back, now possessing the resources needed to develop new models across a host of styles and classes. This metric counts for more than just s of the dyno, and translates to hair-raising top-speeds.

Improved Mechanics: Not only are the newest bikes the most powerful, but their cutting-edge engines also offer unparalleled reliability and maintenance intervals easily exceeding 10, miles. The current Euro5 emissions standards have also ushered in models with improved fuel economy and reduced emissions outputs. Advanced Electronics: Even the most talented riders on earth would seriously struggle with managing the immense oomph of horses being sent to the back wheel.

As a result, high-performance motorcycles are outfitted with a suite of electronic rider assists that, amongst other things, helps to keep their enormous power in check.

Looking for a motorcyclist

Modern motorcycles also feature other advanced electronics systems such as lean angle-sensitive ABS, wheelie, slide, launch, and traction control, as well as different fuel maps and electronically-regulated active suspension setups. Whether hailing from America, Japan, Germany, Sweden, or Italy, the latest crop of two-wheelers feature the sleekest and most modern bodywork and visual themes. Aerodynamics: Just like with traction control, winglets first appeared on MotoGP bikes before eventually trickling down to production models.

And though they were at first reserved for homologation specials and track-only models, winglets and other down-force-generating aerodynamic bits have more and more started appearing as standard fare, even on nakeds and adventure models. Winglets aside, the bodywork on new models almost always offers a better, more slippery drag-coefficient compared to outgoing model years. TFT touchscreen displays, Bluetooth connectivity and smart tuning apps, ride-by-wire throttles, tire pressure sensing monitors, and other tech-driven bits have more and more become commonplace in the two-wheeled realm.

The entry-level motorcycle market, however, is a different story entirely. As the beginner-friendly segment has hugely expanded in recent years. This factor on its own represents a pretty solid reason to invest in a new motorcycle.

Looking for a motorcyclist

In response to the continued customer demand, the Austrian outfit has finally built an entry-level adventure motorcycle around the platform. Taking obvious aesthetic de inspiration from its and cc siblings, the ADV is equipped with crash bars, a skid-plate, handguards, and numerous other off-road upgrades.

Looking for a motorcyclist

After an extended, multi-decade hiatus, Looking for a motorcyclist announced in that it would be returning to the street bike market with the launch of its neo-retro Vitpilen and Svartpilen models. And after a ridiculously warm public reception, the Swedish firm proceeded to green-light the models, along with the larger models, the latest of which to break cover was the Vitpilen. Powered by a punchy Style: Naked Engine: After making its triumphant return to American Flat Track Racing inIndian Motorcycle proceeded to utterly dominate the competition, thanks to some incredibly skilled pilots and its extremely-potent FTR factory race bike.

Indian also offers an even higher-specced S-version, as well as a of bolt-on accessory packages for the FTR. After introducing its supercharged Ninja H2 and H2R models inKawasaki has more recently applied its forced induction engine architecture to a markedly more accessibly-priced model to deliver the Z H2. Drawing visual inspiration from earlier iconic Beemers such as the R5 and R60, the R18 is draped in genuine metal bodywork, and sports modern versions of a classic bobber saddle, fishtail exhausts, and a teardrop-style tank.

Replacing the outgoing Daytona model, the new cc track weapon is essentially a road-going version of the new Moto2 bike, wearing updated bodywork and fitted with all of the modern bells and whistles one would expect on a high-end European sportbike. Prior to the new entering mass production, the Hinckley firm is producing just limited-edition Moto2 bikes for the US and Canadian markets. As such, the Streetfighter V4 not only gets a 1,cc V4 engine that generates well-over hp, but also an advanced suite of electronic rider assists, down-force-generating winglets, a TFT display, top-of-the-line running gear, and one of the meanest-looking two-wheeled des in recent history.

Ducati also sells the Ohlins-equipped S-spec for an extra couple grand over the already-incredibly-capable base model. The idiosyncratic appearance, coupled with its cutting-edge performance and host of top-shelf componentry easily makes the Superveloce one of the most desirable motorcycles of the model year.

This Japanese-made homologation special boasts a modern electronics suite, down-force-generating aerodynamic winglets, a hp engine, and a sublbs wet weight that allows for speeds of over mph. Want to check out a selection of more entry-level-focused models to cut your teeth on?

Looking for a motorcyclist

Then be sure to cruise on over to our guide to the best beginner motorcycles for eight fantastic options to start your riding career on. HiConsumption is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Posted By Johnny Brayson.

Looking for a motorcyclist

Posted By Tim Huber. Posted By Sean Tirman. Photo: Kawasaki Z H2. Tim Huber Oct 27, Photo: Husqvarna Vitpilen Photo: Yamaha Tenere The 8 Best Beginner Motorcycles Want to check out a selection of more entry-level-focused models to cut your teeth on? More From Rides. The long-running cleaning device boasts a massive max suction power of AW. A cutting-edge pair of running shoes created through the use of computer coding. Posted By Tim Huber Aug 13, Posted By Johnny Brayson Aug 13, Posted By Sean Tirman Aug 13,

Looking for a motorcyclist Looking for a motorcyclist

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