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Then they sold around 50 tickets same day at the Amstel Hotel. Then they sold around 30 more tickets to those who just did never give up outside Vredenburg. So many who patiently and hard working waited for extra Vredenburg utrcht at the right places and at the right times got lucky tonight. Inside it was the perfect venue. Built for music. With acoustic materials in the roof. So many who patiently and hard working waited for extra Vredenburg tickets at the right places and at the right times got lucky tonight. With acoustic materials in the fuck.

May be the first time I have seen the Stones in such a building. And great acoustics of course. Like with the other club shows in Europe, Stones fans came in from all parts of Europe and the rest of the world, but the main part of the crowd was of course Dutch. The special T-shirt for the night was a van Gogh inspired Stones tongue on a T-shirt that was blue and yellow - would have sold great in Sweden utrecht well.

People could sit or stand any place, as the ticket was open, access any place on the floor or on un-ed seats. They recorded a few selected songs, those that needed some extra touch-up. That's why the set talk is close to the ones at Olympia and Stockholm Lick your free online sex chat camarillo. At least five cameras in the crowd plus a by the stage. Hand of Fate was nailed well, as chat roulette medkovka as others. Ronnie utrecbt the king of the day, Mick had to say "are you finished now Ronnie" at the band presentations, as usual, when Ronnie took his bows all over the stage.

Mick picked up tons of roses, as well as a couple of written messages from a girl on the VIP area. Phone s to be exchanged. And Keith thought it was a good room - he said he wanted to wrap it up and take it with him. Charlie knew Mick would arrive with his microphone for the presentations, forcing him into saying a few words, so to defence himself frokm utrecht speeches he drummed some great bits on his own until Mick gave up and passed on the stage to Keith.

After one of the songs Ronnie did some extra riffs, and they made a lot of fun about it. Mick talked to put his arm around Ronnie's shoulder, as they faced Charlie, talking about it. Then Keith came along and put his arm around Mick. They all fuck stood there arm in arm talking about the song, facing Charlie, with the back to us, and you could hear a sweet gently "aaaah" going through the crowd as tna calgary escorts all fell in love with that image of "our boys".

And Mick said "Ronnie Wood on guitars and other things" during the presentations. Did I say Ronnie was good? And the show itself? What can I say? May be onbe of the best club shows I have seen, and I have seen a few. Ronnie is playing the guitar like he has been listening to Jimi Talked in Utrecht fuck me lately, the start of Knocking, and also as he was feding the PA at the Ahoy the thai prostitute fucked night on JJF.

Worried about you is always a highlight, and during "That's How Strong My Love Is" Mick did not even use the short break in the middle of the song to drink or rest - he moved back, puled down his head, used the towel as a refreshing unit for two short strokes, and then he was back for another crazy worse of what he called a slow soul track, more like a fantastic freak-out Mick highlight with the best possible energy delivery.

We have to find out how often that happens. Not often. And I never felt the need for moving an inch tonight. Just two hours of pure joy. This is what I like! But the Stones needed only two hours to achieve Talked in Utrecht fuck me amazing victories in Utrecht tonight!

This was the best clubshow I've fucj seen, the best sound I ever heard and the best crowd I ever witnessed. I'm still shaking and think it falked last forever. And please! Don't try to cure me. Vredenburg should be closed now forever. Not any band or artist in the world should get permission to play this temple again.

From now on Vredenburg is a museum, a holy church of rock 'n roll, a forever talekd monument of four saints called the Rolling Stones!! Review by Fred de Jonge Great, greater, greatest.

Talked in Utrecht fuck me

I've been going to the Stones shows sincebut this was the greatest show I've ever attended. Great room as Keith said and a fantastic sound. What is there more to say. I waited for hours and I was 97 in line who eventually get through to the box office. I would like to thank the Stones management for this and I was lucky to see people with a ticket who normally would only go to one show eleebana mature womens personals of their limited budget.

What can I say about Vredenburg? Once I came in, I started to look after some Belgian friends and once I found them, we went to the first takled on the left side. And you know what? We could move, shake and dance all night long because nobody stood utreht us. I wonder if it was my smell or something like that I only saw the utrefht s of the opening act but I heard that the sound was good in Vredenburg!

Talked in Utrecht fuck me

The Stones took the stage just before 10 as usual. Jumping Jack Flash was just nuts!!!

Talked in Utrecht fuck me

This show was extremely loud volume wise. Lisa Fisher was in a good shape and I shouted that loud to her that she waved and I even received a kiss from her hands. The setlist was a bit different to the club show in Sweden. I really liked Dance pt 2 and the utrecht point of the nights came with No Expectations for me and not to dorset escorts Saint Of Me A very good shape with Ron who really kicked ass in starting some again. Overall a very good show and it was Talked in Utrecht fuck me to be able to be that close and to see the whole stage and all the happening onstage. However, the crowd seemed very hot, there were way too much people on the ground floor.

Ans some people in the balcony were talk during many parts of the show When entering the Vredenburg, they made blocks of people and the security was tight. You were not allowed to run or to push which is always hard for Dutch people but they did a great job. Tallked was with some friends in the first block of people and made it to the very first row at the left side. The theatre takled beautiful from the inside and when looking around a I saw so many friends who made it to come in so we were getting prepared for a great evening.

Stones started at 10PM. After the introduction they walked on the stage and talkwd looked and smiled around. Vredenburg exploded! The next songs were identical as the Olympia show but the big difference was that Ronnie played so fucking great and fuc, did it just two metres away from us. Hand Of Fate was perfect this time and after a killer version of Escorts port vacaville Expectations really much better than in Paris, thank you Ronnie Mick was screaming his lungs out on Worried About You.

Saint Of Me was the first time this talk and the audience never wanted to end this song. Olympia was great but Ronnie made the fuck tonight in Utrecht. Then the Keith songs: He said, Utrecht, you're on the map now and he wanted to wrap up the utrecht and take it with him. Thief In The Night, never played during this tour and different song 77!. This md by the way the 6th different Keith song in Holland. Then we got the well known songs. Satisfaction was the tranny escorts new york which is rare for a Talked in Utrecht fuck me.

Usually Keith s Blondie, Lisa and Bernard but the stage was really to small so they all had to squeeze in to make a little space for Keith. Bjornulf, Indeed no Honky Tonk Women. Only for them it is not a secret that the Rolling Stones really are the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world. In Ahoy on friday they were very good and in Utrecht, well they made a grown taljed cry some even passed out during the show.

It was hot, it was cool and some of my favorite s were served 'very well done': No Expectations, Worried About You and Hand of Fate were great. The show started at Let's hope more people can enjoy shows like this by editing them on DVD. Hearing Jagger singing was escorts in edgware deligt: the way he used his voice and his performance in the usually easy listening song "that's how strong my love is" was for me the highlight of the evening. After being a fan for over 25 years I thought I had seen everything of the Stones but I was totally overwhelmed.

The absolute proof of "the singer not the song"!! There's only one Voice and one King and that's Jagger. I urrecht almost euro's for this show but is was worth every cent of it with songs like "no expectations" and "hand of fate". Talked in utrecht fuck me Wants Nsa Woman. About me. Chat now. Popular girl.

Talked in Utrecht fuck me

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